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You spend thousands of dollars to install a striking deck to have some downtime with your friends and family. But what about the weather elements that stand in the way of relaxation time?

Sure enough, a patio adds to your comfort, boosts curb appeal, and increases your home’s value. However, it doesn’t maximize the utilization of your outdoor space. What helps make your outdoors more functional are awnings.

Not only do they let you enjoy the outdoors during wind and rain, but they also protect your home during the blazing summer days. So, apart from providing homeowners protection against inclement weather, awnings also reduce heat, keeping your property cool.

If you’ve been unable to make the most out of your deck because of weather conditions, Space City Awning Service of Houston, Texas has a Awnings solution for you.

You no longer need to worry about harsh weather ruining your BBQ dinners or heat raising your Houston home’s temperature. Our experienced awning partners in Houston, Texas are familiar with the most reliable and superior quality awning materials that fit your style while equally meeting your needs.

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Our passion for making doors and windows stunning and better has motivated us to find you highly skilled contractors in your area.

Our network of awning installation pros of Houston aim to boost your comfort and give you the security you desire. They also offer numerous style options to help you achieve what you want for your home’s exterior.

As sincere advisors, they also aim to inspire you to take action and transform your home with door and window awnings. Our partners’ unique ideas will help you re-imagine how your property can feel, appear, and above all, function.

Why choose our Houston awning services?

Finding the right services was challenging back in the day because only a few companies offered home solutions. Today, the challenge has shifted from finding to choosing.

With numerous contractors offering distinctive solutions for your home, picking the right one is not a walk in the park. Quite overwhelming and frustrating when you fail to understand which service providers could be the most reliable to work with.

However, the experience, reviews, and service quality can help you discover the right company for awning installation and repairs.

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Simply put, an experienced Houston awning installation company that has been in the business for years will provide better services than a relatively newer one.

Likewise, a reliable agency displays customer reviews and ratings on its official website. You can get an idea of their credibility by skimming through what the customers say.

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What are awnings?

Awnings are covers that fit into the exterior part of your home, including the windows, doors, and porch. They protect your Houston home indoors and outdoors from the scorching heat, keeping your property cool all day long.

Installing an awning on doors and windows drops your home’s temperature during blistering summer days. This gives you a chance to cut energy costs by reducing the usage of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Awnings come in all sizes and shapes and can be installed in two ways. Typically, professionals fix the awnings permanently into your doors or windows.

However, you can also opt for awnings that work with remote control. So, when the weather is pleasant, you can pull back the awnings and expose your property.

Awnings vs. canopies: what’s the difference?

Awnings and canopies let homeowners create a soothing and comfortable outdoor space regardless of the weather. However, when individuals talk about outdoor covering, they often confuse awnings and canopies and use both terms interchangeably.

Technically, both perform the same function. For instance, they equip your outdoor space with a protective material, keeping you from UV rays, wind, and rain. Besides, their materials are often the same. However, awnings and canopies have their differences.

Different types of awnings

No two Houston houses are the same – unless they’ve been made so on purpose. The distinctive style and varying exterior aesthetics decide which type of awning is suitable for your home.

Each awning has its benefits. However, you must reflect on your needs and wants to choose the right fit for your property.

We’ll break down popular awning types to help you pick an ideal option.

Stationary awnings

Stationary awnings, also called fixed awnings, are attached to your property’s exterior. They offer a reliable solution to tackle intense weather conditions. However, choosing a professional to assess your exterior space is the way to go.. Because fixed awnings will endure outside stressors 24/7, you must invest in a durable fabric that lasts long. Otherwise, rain, dust, and debris will take a toll on your stationary awning, ruining its appearance and tearing the fabric. Go for a hard-wearing fabric that ensures protection during heavy rainfalls and collects snow to keep your property safe. Only an experienced professional can recommend the right style and material type, ideal for your home. On a side note, fixed awnings are meant to stay where you install them. Therefore, choose your location wisely because you cannot re-install them time and again.

Retractable awnings

Retractable coverings can fold up or roll. They are ideal because they offer greater versatility for your patio, doors, and windows. So, you do not need to retract them 24/7 but extend them when wanting to block out external elements and enjoy the shade. Besides, you can easily pull them back when you’re willing to take a sun bath on a pleasant summer day. Retractable awnings can be the right option if you like making technological advancements in your home. They modernize your property and boost flexibility. Additionally, they are relatively easier to maintain. For instance, if the weather forecast predicts an impending storm and you want to protect the fabric, you can roll them up to keep them from wear and tear.

Motorized awnings

If you desire to upgrade your convenience, motorized awnings are the way to go. While retractable awnings aren’t any less functional, motorized technology takes practicality to the next level. Typical retractable awnings depend on a crank to fold up and extend. On the flip side, motorized awnings work with a remote control, sensor, and even motion trigger. While this option is a bit costly, it saves you money down the line. For instance, they have an extended lifespan than their fixed counterparts because you can store them during harsh weather conditions. As such, they endure less and last longer. Sensor awnings take functionality a step further. You can program them to extend during rain or when the sunlight directs your property. They can also be programmed to roll up during windy conditions. So, motorized awnings give your home an aesthetic appeal and allow you to utilize your outdoor space without letting outside stressors in the way.

Roller curtains

Although not very common, roller curtains offer a reliable way to sit in the shade. Not only do they keep you from rain and wind, but they also boost privacy by allowing you to lower the fabric when needed. However, they are typically installed with shaded porches and decks. So, roller curtains won’t fit if your patio doesn’t include shade.

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Canopies, unlike awnings, are not permanent fixtures in your outdoor space. Instead, a canopy is a large, free-standing shade providing a comfortable seating space outside.

They are made of a durable fabric, firmly hung over a metal frame. However, because you can place them in front of the doors and windows, people often confuse them with awnings.

While awnings aren’t any less functional, canopies boost practicality by offering a massive space for BBQ dinners, parties, and gatherings.

Again, unlike awnings, they are portable and detachable. Simply put, you can disassemble them and store them away during the off-season.

Their portability also allows you to take them on family trips. Because they aren’t anchored in a single place, you can choose precisely where you want to install them, which is a plus.


Awnings are coverings attached to your home’s exterior. Whether you want to fix them above your doors, windows, or patios depends on your preferences. However, they’ll successfully perform their function regardless of where you mount them.

Awnings are excellent for blocking direct sunlight and protecting your home from outside stressors – think heavy rainfalls.

Besides, if you’ve placed furniture and artwork on your porch, you’d need to shield it from sun and rain to keep it from fading or rotting.

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Advantages of awnings

Any Houston homeowner who enjoys spending time outdoors would be tempted to consider an awning for their property. They are versatile and offer a practical way to keep your home cool while maximizing your outdoor space utility.

You no longer need to run inside your home during the wind or stand in the rain while fumbling for your keys. Here’s how else a quality awning can help you.

A quality awning fabric hanging over your exterior doors and windows gives a striking look to your property.

Believe it or not, you have endless options to decorate outdoors after installing an awning. For instance, you can wrap garlands around the rails or up the legs to boost curb appeal.

Further, if you desire to keep things minimal, mounting an awning alone will beautify your home while offering a practical way to utilize your outdoor living space.

Also, if you plan to sell your Houston home, this functional feature will capture the potential buyer’s attention, who might consider your home over others.

A professionally mounted awning will save you money by reducing your energy bills. Studies unveil that an awning can decrease annual energy expenditures by 25% more than unshaded homes.

A covering outside your doors and windows will reduce the heat on your property, keeping it cooler. This way, you won’t keep your air conditioning on for long hours. Closing the awnings can also let you enjoy the warmth during the winter season.

Like a garden shade that protects the plants in a greenhouse, an awning shields your home from extra heat. Once the sun goes up, you cannot do much to keep it from directing your property.

However, taking steps to shield your doors and windows can help repel excessive heat, and an awning lets you achieve that.

Besides blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays to reduce heat and glare on TV screens, you also keep the rain from clouding your doors and windows.

An awning doesn’t stop the rain from falling on your property, but it keeps the inclement weather from taking a toll on your home.

Besides, it lets you sit outdoors while enjoying a rainy day.

Homeowners install patios and decks to revive during pleasant days; what’s the point of building one if you’ve to run inside during wind and rain?

A strategically installed awning allows you to sit outdoors and sip your coffee as the rain drips.

Awnings from professional companies are designed to combine quality and performance. The highest level of design makes your awnings mold resistant and water repellent. You can also pick from numerous fabric types and color ranges.

Awnings make your outdoor space more functional, but that perk doesn’t come with the downside of high maintenance.

Most awning fabrics are relatively easier to maintain. You may want to clean them regularly during stormy days. However, weekly cleaning helps during normal weather conditions. Here are some steps that’ll help.

  • Use a soft brush to brush off the loose dust and debris
  • Spray a gentle cleaning solution and clean the stains with a soft-bristled brush
  • Rinse the fabric thoroughly and let it dry

While awning offers endless benefits, the solution works if you opt for quality installation services. Awning Installation Houston Texas aims to offer quality services at the best rates possible while maximizing the functionality of your home’s exterior.

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